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Kid being a state-of-mind, BrickLive gathers more than 3.000.000 Lego bricks to create the biggest playroom of your city! Let your imagination talks, become the architect you always wanted to be or find inspiration with the beautiful pieces of art created by the fans in the Fan Zone.

Brick Live is divided into specifics zones, each one having his own theme and will fit perfectly with every mind-blowing imagination. Either you are familiar with the force or you prefer to let your dark side spread out, the Star Wars zone is your new play room to build a galactic adventure! Are you more a builder, an architect or an engineer? Find it by creating amazing buildings, cars or constructions in the Race Track zone, the Lego Technic zone, the Lego Architecture zone or in one of the many colored Brick Pit. Are you a real Lego Fan and know by hearth all the specifications of the different Lego universes? Then have fun by designing scenarios in the Lego Creator zone, the Lego City zone, the Ninjago Zone or the Lego Friends zone.

Moreover, you can join Steve on a virtual brick-built adventure in the Minecraft zone, build your own house and place it on the Lego Map zone or draw a painting brick by brick in the Mosaic zone.

But please, watch out! Wild animals are lurking around the Safari zone…


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